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The stuff that makes up my week

…is not always very exciting. 

This week has been full of commitments – practice, small group, board meeting.  And there is always work.  Nothing out of the ordinary really. 

And this week I have been fighting a cold.  So, at night I take my dose of cold medicine and hit my bed a bit earlier than usual.  And a bit of antihistamine knocks me out pretty good.  Weird dreams when I take the stuff too.  I am very glad that I have continued to function through the week, though.  One of my assistants has been home sick all week.  She got a touch of pneumonia I guess. 

Now the week is almost over.  Tomorrow I will do a big bridge prep.  That will take most of the morning – three teeth to prepare.  The trickiest part is getting preparations that all draw (in other words all the sides of the prepared teeth must be just about parallel – no undercuts to prevent the finished rigid crowns from seating) and the impression must be perfect.  That is pretty much it for the days work although there always seem to be little surprises thrown in – emergencies and such.

Saturday, I head down to Saskatoon for a course.  It will be worth a few continuing ed points but should also be sort of fun.  It will be on the use of French in medicine (and dentistry).  And it is free, so that is a plus.  I see a fair number of French speaking patients so it will be a good refresher.  And maybe it will help keep my French current.

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