No Formulas

We seem to be getting past the holiday slump.  I love vacations but for some reason this last one as hard to recover from.  Maybe it should have been longer.  Maybe it should never end – I could go with that!


Anyway, the group of women I meet with met again for the second time since vacation.  We started reading Donald Millar’s book Searching For God Knows What.  I think this one is going to be the right fit for us.  We read the first chapter and shared some good thoughts. 


Then we sat around and shared where we are at in terms of needing prayer.  I guess this is just as much fun as reading and discussing – sharing where we are at spiritually, what areas we need prayer in for ourselves, our families and friends.  Followed by a good discussion on the power of healing prayer.  Coming off a chapter in a book where we are reminded that there are no formulas with God – he is not our genie in a bottle where if we say the right things, incant the proper prayers he will come forth with the answer we want – was a good springboard for discussion.


Today was a long day but an all around good one.

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