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Mark 2:13-17

“Why does he eat with such scum.”  2:16b

Maybe the “wedding” we attended last night made this verse stand out.  I suspect Jesus would have fit in better than I did.  Maybe would have even polkaed around the floor a few times with old Polly. 

Come to think of it, maybe old Polly was closer to being like Jesus than I was.  There were two beautiful little girls there – about 5 and 7.  They were newcomers to Canada.  You can tell when the little girls come all decked out in absolutely gorgeous dresses.  Canadian girls would have come in jeans – but more likely would not have come at all with their parents.  These little girls were uninhibited about getting out on the dance floor and old Polly took them under her wing and was dancing away with them.  They were having a tremendous time.

There are times when I wish I could just dance with abandon.  My darn dignity, self respect, clumsiness and stupid shoes with heels get totally in my way!

This morning on reading this passage, I was struck by the fact that our only qualification for coming to follow Jesus seems to be the realization that we are unfit to be with him.  We can only feel at home with him when we accept his graciousness in full realization that we are only “scum”.  We possess absolutely no credentials that are of any value in qualifying us to be followers of him.  Dignity, self respect and being the wife of a doctor are no ticket for a spot sitting at his feet.  And actually, I’m glad of that.  I don’t have to pretend to be good enough cramming myself into some uncomfortable mold – like those black shoes of mine with the heels.  Just me, covered by his grace; that’s enough.  


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Last night

Well, last night was kind of different.  We went to the District Medical Society’s “Christmas” party.  They always hold it in January after the holiday rush is done.  Maybe that just prolongs it in some ways. 

The event was “Love, Ukrainian Style”, an interactive dinner theatre.  If you have lived on the Canadian prairies, you have likely been invited to one of these – but the real thing.  This was constructed to be a bit more funny but was slightly accurate anyway.  Lots of emphasis on booze.  Vodka shots if you got caught with the “Kryska”   The first to get caught was one of the Muslim doctors.  He declined.  I don’t think he’ll let any of his daughters marry Ukrainian boys!

I just had to watch out for this rather good looking character who kept hitting on Leo.

All in good fun. It was good for a few laughs and the meal was good old Ukrainian style.  Cabbage rolls, ham, turkey, little meat balls and a mushroom cream sauce that I haven’t had since one of my professors invited my dental school class over for a special Ukrainian dining experience.

I see that it looks like I am repeating myself.  I thought the Friday post had disappeared – it had disappeared, really.  And then I couldn’t get onto this site for awhile this morning – some glitch that LT corrected for me.  So I had no idea it showed up here so I rewrote this stuff about our night out.

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