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Wow, here it is Friday already!  The week has gone way too fast.

Today I was in the OR again working on little sleepy kids.  At least during the time while I was working they were quiet.  Then they get sent to recovery and boy what a fight they can fight.  I guess if they were nice and quiet all the time they wouldn’t be in the hospital getting dental work done that way to begin with. 

I mean, really would you want all your fillings done at one time in the space of an hour or so?  Would you wake up just little miss or mr pleasentness and sweetness?  Not likely. 

I just wish we would make a small dent in the backload of kids needing this kind of work.  We do three kids and in the same week add 6 more to our witing list. 

Tonight, Leo and I went to the District Medical Society’s “Christmas” party.  They always hold it in Janurary.  This year it was an interactive dinner theatre.  The show – well we were all in it too.  Love Ukranian Style.  Sort of like a local version of Big Fat Greek Wedding, a la Ukranian community.  The old babuska was the best.  Although Leo was quite taken by a woman in blue – she, being one of the unattached bridesmaids, kept hitting on him.  My eyes never left him. 

The dinner fit right in.  Cabbage rolls, ham and turkey.  Those little ukranian meatballs and mushrooms in some kind of cream sauce that I haven’t had for years. 

It was a good night out with lots of laughs.  But I was glad to drag my man home.


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