Just the events of the day

Now that last post was a weird one. 

I am up to my eyeballs in stuff.  The church annual meeting is coming up and I have reports to write.  Also have a board meeting this week to prepare for.  It is at times like this that I wish I had one of those memories – you know the ones where things are stored and actually can be retrieved.

Work was busy today.  One of my assistants had a sick child she needed to stay home with. We did not cancel anyone, just worked a bit harder to keep up.  And we saw everyone plus a guy who we told five years ago that he needed a new bridge.  There was decay under it then.  Well today, he was back.  First of all the white porcelain part fractured off the metal understructure.  It was his front tooth.  We fit him in to see what the problem was but did not have the time to repair the facing just then.  About two hours later we got another call – the whole thing had fallen apart.  Not being really sure just what that meant, we called him back in.  Sure enough, the whole bridge was off.  The tooth on one end had broken.  Now he was without two front teeth. 

Moral of the story – sometimes it pays to listen to the dentist and get the teeth repaired before disaster strikes!

Then right after work – hair cut.  And time to hide the roots of wisdom again.

At 7, worship practice.  We had a good time.  Most of the songs went well.  Our saxophone player is back and it sounds so good.  Now if we can get her to enter the building on a Sunday morning to play with us – we will be able to share those good sounds with everyone. 

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  1. I always listen to my dentist. 🙂