Basketball Mom

I’m not sure I really qualify for this title.  But I did spend this evening at St Mary High’s tournament – and watched Sara play as her team got soundly beaten by LCBI from Outlook. 

I realized that it has been many years since I have watched basketball.  No, I did watch at least one game last year.  But I think it was a game played more just for fun than for competition last year.  Last year the tournament almost got snowed out.  I can remember almost not making it to the school last year – wouldn’t have except for my four wheel drive.

This year I was volunteering in the canteen as well.  We weren’t very busy tonight.  There is a lot of chili and soup.  I don’t think they will run out.

Sara said that at one little town where they played a couple of weekends ago, the canteen closed down early, nothing was open in the town, so the team which had not eaten before the game had to go hungry.  Not good planning on the part of the organizers.  The one restaurant in the town had on the menu two choices – chicken fingers and fries or a cheeseburger and fries!  Yum.

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