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A new year begins

Jan 1, 2006 is speeding along towards it’s end and the beginning of another week of work.  Back to normal tomorrow I guess.

Today I was mostly lazy.  I went up to read and found myself falling asleep.  So I did. 

Tomorrow there will be no chance for that!

For sure this year will bring work.  And all the other stuff this year will bring – who knows?  But I am looking forward to seeing what becomes of some of the possibilities. 

Some of the possibilities?
        – studying – I always do some of this since there are minimum continuing ed requirements to keep up with but I am considering something else a bit different.  I need to hear God on this so am waiting for a bit and doing a bunch of praying. 

        – change in our church structure – I wonder if the changes will make enough difference.  I wonder if  we will transition into a form that will call to the hearts of people on the periphery.  Where people at the structural centre will be able to connect to the people out there touching the world around with love and care.  I wonder if we can do it?

The rest of the possibilities?  I think they will unfold as we move along through the year. 

One that I am looking forward to in the next little while is discussing a book that I have almost finished reading – Colossians Remixed, Subverting the Empire by Brian J. Walsh and Sylvia C. Keesmaat.  Susan Arnold has a book discussion blog and this is going to be on the menu.  It is a good book, uses big words but challenged me to resist getting sucked in by the world around me.  Santa came through for me getting the book to me just before his workshop shut down on Christmas Eve.


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