Christmas Gathering

We had our Christmas gathering of friends last evening.  We still have food left over – funny how that works.  But all the spicy shrimp, stuffed mushrooms and miniature quiche’s are gone.  Michelle, my daughter-in-law spent a good chunk of time in the kitchen with me yesterday afternoon doing the crab stuffed mushrooms – and they were good. 

We had an interesting group of people with us.  And yes we did have a mix of languages, mostly French and English but there were also a couple from the Philippines(originally) who could have thrown in some Spanish and one from Holland who could have carried on a conversation in Dutch.  And some Lingala was thrown into the mix.  Then there was our Muslim friend who speaks Bengali.  He recounted the times when he has been asked if he is bilingual on job interviews and how those of limited language abilities seem to discount the fact that many people are bilingual – just the languages are not always just French and English.

Our younger kids also invited some of their friends and they seemed to have a good time too.  It mostly takes food to pull off that I think.

I do not think that I am really a gifted hostess.  I stress out too much about it all ahead of time.  And it takes a lot of energy to pull off a night of visiting with a house full of people in the three languages I can converse in. But it always turns out to be fun when I get right into it and last night was a lot of fun. 

Now, four more days of relaxation before the holidays are over.

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  1. Ahh, sorry to have missed it. We were planning to walk down but we had some interuptions here.

    Enjoy the four days left.

  2. Sounded like a good time. I bet it will be good when the holidays are over. Well, take care and if I don’t see you on Sunday then have a happy New Year.