Almost ready

Christmas Eve approaches.  All my children and grandchildren will be under my roof as well as my Step-mom, Sharon and my Aunt Florence.  That is only 15, not that many!

And I think everyone is bringing something so it doesn’t end up being that much work.  It is not a high stress day for me once I get the food under control.  My kids have all seen my house au naturel  so I don’t have to put on a show for them, even though I will have the house pretty clean I hope. 


Today I accomplished a lot of things I needed or wanted to do.  Outside lights finally fixed.  Cookies all baked.  Wrapping mostly done.


There are still a few last minute groceries to pick up – make sure we have enough milk and bread and of course ketchup.  Ketchup is one of those staple foods in my house – even on Christmas – for the tourtiere.


I think the rest of the week we will eat left overs.  That is one of my favorite forms of turkey. 


The only other big event is a bit of an open house on Wednesday.  We’ll have some friends and acquaintances over, some colleagues of Leo’s, some friends from out of town a way, and some friends from church.  Bring your best French for the occasion since that is the language of preference for some of our guests.  But English will do if you are linguistically challenged.  If you are in town, come on over around 7 pm. 


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  1. My kids insist on having ketchup on their tourtiere too. My daughter insists on both ketchup and mustard.

    I think we’re having ham for Christmas – and the big Christmas dinner with the turkey will be on Boxing Day at my brother’s.