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A Man of Excellence

And to think I married him!


It is an honor to be married to a great man.  Well, at least he is great in a local sort of way – to the health region here in Prince Albert Parkland and of course to me and his kids.  Tonight, I and as many of the kids as could, got to attend the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region 2005 Health Excellence Awards.


It is possible they came for the food – it was an excellent banquet put on by the Travelodge.  But I suspect they really like the “Old Man”.


Leo was honored with the Excellence Award for Client Centered Care.  It was awarded for his work in Public Health (working towards the smoke free bylaws) and specifically for his work in the areas of Addictions and Hepatitis C.  One of his sayings that was quoted in his letters of nomination in reference to his treatment of patients with addictions was “We are commanded to love them, God is responsible for judging them.”  I am proud to be the wife of a man who is known for his attitude of non-judgmentalism, for the way he treats all people with dignity and respect and for the way he gets programs like the methadone/addictions and the Hep C treatment program up and running. 


And I guess I even like the way he tells jokes.  His respect for other people is heavily flavored with a good amount of humor.  If he really likes you he will probably tell a joke at your expense or his own.  I ought to know – he really likes me.

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