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I wish

I am sitting here listening to CBC2 as suggested by Randall.  I wish I could sit here in the light from the candles and tree lights and the quiet and just sit and read for hours.  I wish no one would bother me about anything today – no dinner to prepare, no demands on me to do anything.  And I wish I didn’t feel so tired.  There seems to be a bit of a flu bug going through our house and although I am thankful I am not feeling really sick, I do feel wiped out.

But there is tourtiere to make and since the meat is cooking now, I guess I can’t avoid that.  And we have our church Christmas party this afternoon.  I have to organize the ordering of pizzas for that so if I do not wish to be in everyone’s bad books, I’d better get that done!

Soooo… as they say “No rest for the wicked.”

My sister and her husband are here from Calgary so last night we all got together (those of us feeling well and at home) at Sharon’s and nibbled on munchies and visited.  It is always good to see my sister. 

We all went up to the graves of my parents and grandparents as well – put a couple of Christmas wreaths on them.  I guess Dad always did that at Christmas time with Sharon as they remembered my mom and grandparents.  The rabbits had been running across the cemetery grounds and had a path across his grave.  I think he would have liked that. He would always point out animal tracks to us when we went skiing or for winter walks at the farm.

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