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Les evenements du lendemain

Not sure how to get the accents into the title bar – but anyway – yesterdays events, in brief.

We have made it through the weekend of parties and my being on call.  On call for me just means carrying the cell phone and being available.  I am so glad that the hospital staff handle the non-emergency dentistry.  Since we make ourselves available for emergencies in our office throughout the week of call we have almost no evening calls.  Evening we get just the real emergencies – like broken teeth.

The parties were good.  It is good to get to know staff and their spouses in a different place than the office.

Last night we had two functions so went to the Cooperative Health Centre’s party and then to the Carrefour Fransaskois concert.  Had a fabulous meal at the health centre’s party and then went over to the Carrefour’s concert.  if for some strange reason you were listening to Radio Canada or French CBC TV that is the party we were at.  Joe Marchildon was recounting traditions from the old French Canadian communities, old songs were sung.  And we gave Yves a good sendoff as he leaves for Victoria. 

Then home- late enough for me- to babysit.  Kieran is spending the night with us since his mom and dad were having a big party at their house last night.  So we made his little bed on the floor in our room and read a story and called it a night.

You may wonder why I am up so early.  Force of habit I guess.  That and a loudly snoring husband.  After I lay there listening to the loud – very loud – snore for about an hour, I decided to actually get up and do something more fun.  So here I am writing.  And running the dishwasher which was totally forgotten last night.


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