Sneaking out of town for a quiet day

Today I took a chunk of the day, drove the half hour out to the cabin at the farm and spent some quiet time with God.  Life has been so busy around our place the last six weeks or so that I needed to just get away and be quiet.  My time has to wrap up around 2:30 as I have a meeting to get back for this afternoon. 


It is nice and cozy in this little cabin now.  It took a good hour to warm the place up.  Then it got so warm that I got sleepy. 


I always bring way too many books with me when I come out here.  I have to improve my judgment in that area.  There were a bunch of books in the boxes I picked up from Dad’s library that I wanted to look at.  Some on prayer, some on the Holy Spirit and a couple of the ones I am currently reading – Prayer, Finding the Heart’s True Home by Foster and Toward Holy Ground by Margaret Guenther – and of course the Bible.


The passage I read this morning was from Luke 18:1 to 8 – the part where Jesus tells his disciples the story of the persistent woman who got what she wanted from the unjust judge by continually asking for the same thing.  There are many things I ask for.  I don’t think Jesus minds me asking for the same things over and over.  At least I think he is giving us pretty clear permission to pester God about some of the things we are very concerned about, things we need to see changed, for people to see the reality of who God is and turn to follow him.  Then there are the prayers for friends who are experiencing illness and other difficulties – I think I can keep on asking till I get some kind of clear indication to stop. 


Out here at the cabin the best thing is the undisturbed time to pray.  Quiet is pretty well guaranteed in this little hermitage sans electricity.  I imagine it will be a few months before I get out here again.  Today the weather was beautiful but it may be hard to get back here in the middle of winter.


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