The Transfer of Wisdom

Posting has been a lot sparser in the past few weeks.  It is to be expected I guess – that life would get more hectic with a baby in the house.

Instead of sitting down at the computer and being inspired to great theological depths in the late evening, I now mosey on down to the basement bedroom to see if I can help my daughter out a bit before she goes to bed, just in case Zakariya wants to see his Grandma or something.  I think I am beginning to enjoy this grandmotherly role.  It is not that bad once you get over the idea that in fact you are old enough to be a grandparent. 

I was commenting to my sister and her husband on this generational transition that we are making as our parents are aging and becoming less capable of looking after themselves.  We are moving  into the older adults section as the older adults in our lives move on up, getting closer and closer to leaving this life.  But, you know, I am beginning to be OK with that.  It is good to have enough life experience to help out the coming generation.  I don’t know whether I would dare to say “it is good to share the wisdom we have learned along the way as we have lived life”  because most days I don’t feel all that wise.  I do however, most days, feel extremely blessed to have lived the live that I have.  And I hope there are a good number of productive years left too with a few new challenges to keep us on our toes.

If I don’t post as often, I may be taking some time to pass on some words of wisdom to one of my kids or friends.  Then again, I may just be downstairs playing or rocking with my grandbaby – transfering my wisdom in the best and funnest way I can.

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  1. Andrea

    I think it is great that you are able to enjoy your grandson. I am sure that Grace appreciates the help as well. I can’t believe that William is already 19 months old. They grow up so fast and you can never get the time that you don’t spend with them back. Continue to love that little one.