The official name is Zakariya Abdi Omar Lanoie.  Unique spelling.  Unique kid.

Zakariya came home with mom on Saturday.  Life is a bit busy around here.  Visitors.  Helping with baby and trying to keep up with other things.  Grace and Z also got up and wanted to go to church with us yesterday.  maybe part of the motivation was to show off this beautiful little guy.  We’ll take what we get.  We were glad to have her come.  And if one thing has been consistent for her throughout the pregnancy it has been loving support from everyone at church.  And practical help and advice from other moms. 

Abdi, the father, continues to impress us with his willingness to help.  He is also getting to know us better, I hope as he spends more time around us.

More pictures will be posted soon.  Time has sort of been at a premium and though we have taken photos I just haven’t had time to do anything with them.

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  1. Barb W

    Congrats to all!! So glad Z’s finally here, now the fun can officially begin… Praying that momma will become healthy soon and that baby Z develops a comfortable routine for all!! God’s SOOO awesome, just look at that new one’s face!

  2. lisa

    i LOVE the spelling! Beautiful name for a beautiful little guy. Almost made me want another one of my own….almost.