Happy Halloween!

Dixie posts about getting ready for Haloween with her kids.  I have some good memories of costumes too.  Most involve other people wearing them.  My self consciousness always made me feel a bit stupid dressing up.

We had the most fun ever at Haloween when we lived in the Congo.  That is until some pious missionary family came out in the late 80’s and informed us that we were indeed wicked for our antics.  Then we all felt a bit guilty so the fun was greatly diminished.  Phooey on them anyway.  I wouldn’t let them get away with that these days.  I’d whip out the article Randall quoted and shove it under their noses – and laugh.  Then I would really have to think up a good costume to make my point I suppose.  Not likely I would actually go through with it but …

Some of the best costumes my kids came up with:
        – There was the year Rachelle went as a hut.  She had a small version of a thatched roof made for her and walked around under that all night inside her cardboard walls.  She won the costume prise that year.
       _ One of the boys and two friends went as an accident case.  They borrowed a stretcher.  One was the wounded, the others the stretcher bearers.  I think the wounded one that got the free ride was the smartest of the three.

Then there was the year Leo was the beauty queen – Miss Karawa.  Some well meaning group had sent out an ample one piece bathing suit.  One can not be too thankful for the well chosen gifts sent out to the mission field.  It was a beautiful royal blue.  My did he look good!!  I wish I could find the pictures.


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  1. I wish you could find the pictures too!!! 🙂

  2. Sharon

    Yes, that was a very good article Randall had on his blog regarding Hallowe’en. It’s fun dressing up and pretending to be someone or something else once in a while. This is the first year I didn’t dress up at work – we always have a blast.