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Blue meets Maisy – Oh No!

This weekend was so good for me.  I had an extra day and a half off work and I was getting close to exhaustion.  Today I feel ready to face life again.

Just one thing.  Kieran’s Blue (as in a stuffed dog) lost part of his nose this morning.  We have a real live dog Maisy, you see.  She is still young and thinks most everything is one of her chew toys.  So this morning as I was upstairs getting ready to leave with Kieran for daycare, Maisy found Blue.  I spent about 11/2 hours looking in the stores for a replacement with no luck.  Tonioght I will have to tell Kieran’s daddy that I was a negligent grandmother.  Hopefully we will find another – but there are no ones like it in PA – as far as I can tell. 

And we are still waiting.  Grace is still carrying around her little basketball of a belly.  We are 3 days past due date and holding.  Dr’s appt this am may give her some news.  But we all know this boy of hers will eventually make his grand entrance. 

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