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Part of the family

Thoughts just rolling around in my head about family.  Family will be around this weekend, it being Thanksgiving.  We’ll all be together for a big meal on Sunday – those of us in town and my sister and her family up from Moose Jaw.  She will come with all the baggage of her family struggles, I with mine.  We’ll talk and share them.  Maybe not much will change but the distribution of the load.  Maybe that will help. 

I was also thinking about age.  How now I am in the age where I have to be a support to adult children.  So where do I now look for support myself.   My dad and my elderly aunt need support themselves.  They can’t give it anymore.  So part of my support is my family.  Another good reason to keep strong family ties.  And a lot of support comes from my peers now.  Especially my faith community.  Another reason God put us in families and in communities.  We need each other.

Enjoy your families this weekend.  Be thankful for the people around you who are family to you in the truest sense of the word. 

And if you are far too young to have adult children – be thankful.  No really!  You have time to build the strong relationships you will need in the future.

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