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The fog this morning was thick; the moisture in the -8 degree air freezing as it touched the grass and trees.  Vision was limited.  It forced me to walk carefully.  Crossing the street, I could hear the traffic better than I could see it.   Today it took hours before the sun burned through the atmosphere warming it enough to burn off the mist and frost. 

Life seems to mirror the world around me.  Obscurity when clarity is needed.  Inability to see far ahead.  Learning to trust even when I don’t know where the path leads.  Learning to put one foot in front of the other even when I can’t see more than that into my future.  Trusting that in time God will burn away the fog that keeps me from knowing. 

Well, I guess that stage may not be in this life – the place where I can really know.  So for now I trust.  There is not much else to do when life is difficult and the future is uncertain and scary.  It is funny, I guess, but I trust that he will look after my kids – he said he would to me one night.  And even in the midst of agony, I see the seeds of faith begin to grow in them.  Trust, trust, and be patient.  Don’t rush ahead where the fog is still too thick. 

O, God
Tune my heart and mind to your voice,
To your presence. 
Let me follow you, 
Not rushing ahead where I can’t see.
Keep me near you.
Let your love, not my own pain and fear,
Guide me.

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