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Tonight Grace discovered what interior hiccups feel like.  It isn’t the first time she’s felt them but it is the first time she asked me if I knew what was happening.  We were standing in the kitchen clearing away the supper dishes. 

“Mom,” she said, “What do you suppose is wrong?  Can you feel this?”

There was no doubt on my part.  She was much relieved.  She was a bit scared.  And scared is more of how she is feeling as the time for the birth gets closer.   

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It is so exciting to see God working.  It makes worshipping together watching God bring things together an amazing experience.

This morning we heard from three people.  Greg just back from a missions trip to Guatemala – sharing his faith in concrete ways (note the pun – they were building a house).  Logan who got changes to talk about his faith out on the oil rigs.  Johanna who heard God in a different way as he provided enough funds to begin her year at CBC. 

And then we set out into a week of prayer for the hurricane wrecked areas of the US.  It will be interesting to see where God takes us with that.  There will be lots of opportunities to hear God as to how to respond to needs there. 

And for me – a treat.  There was a guy in the back new to our group.  He comes from the Sudan via Winnipeg.  He enrolled four days ago in the Dental Therapy school.  He is there because he listened to God giving him direction for his life.  We’ve had several of these students go through our church – here while they are students, then off to serve God in farther places – Nepal, Northern BC and now who knows where.  For me it is exciting since we have a common love for dentistry and a common sense of God’s calling to do this. 

Now off I go to Saskatoon.  I will see my kids and tonight see some blogging friends at the launch party for Resonate – The Journal.  7:00pm O’Sheas Irish Pub  See you there.

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Photos from Vacation

I spent a lot of time last night posting photos on Flikr.  I wrote an entry to go with them.  Then I did not submit the entry to post.  I guess I was too tired.

Earlier in the day I wrote an entry using Word.  I came home after shopping and Leo told me he thought he had erased my entry.  He had.  I don’t know why I didn’t save it.  I don’t know why he didn’t either.  But there you go.

Trouble is, my mind erases the thoughts just about as permenantly as the computer.  But the pictures are on Flikr!  I will make a set of the vacation ones a bit later today. 

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In Hot Water

Tonight I came home and my first job was to assist with some chemistry homework.  As we looked at why glycine was an amino acid we heard an expletive – loud enough to hear from the basement.  Started with F it did!  Then there was relative silence so, hoping no one was too seriously injured, I went down to check out the progress on the basement bathroom.  Michelle had run headlong into a 2×4.  But the bathroom has come a long way.

The kids left.  They are staying with Michelle’s mom at the farm.  I loaded and turned on the dishwasher.  All was going well till a horrible banging began as if someone was bashing the contents of the dishwasher against the wall.  I opened the door of the dishwasher expecting it to shut itself off.  The water kept running – pouring into the dishwasher.  The banging continued.  So off went the water under the sink.  But I could not find a shut off valve to the dishwasher.  So I ran down and checked where the noise in the floor beneath me was actually coming from.  I ended up shutting off the water to the whole house.  It stopped the noise but from the small copper pipe in the ceiling of the bathroom came a steady but sure stream of water – down into the wall somewhere.  Not good, I said to myself.  The water will just have to stay off till we get a plumber tomorrow.  I do not want a flood in the night.  I cycled the dishwasher till the water drained but I think something may be wrong with the dishwasher and the violent vibrations have loosened a fitting somewhere. 

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So The Journal has launched.  Check it out.  I have to recommend the article on Liminality of the Eucharist.  I guess it “resonated” with me. 

The celebration of Jesus’ last supper is always a “thin” space for me.  As I celebrate it I remember so many things.  Of course the main reason for remembrance is the sacrificial gift of Christ himself in his death and resurrection.  I also remember times past; times when I have shared in this sacrament with people I loved – love still but am not with physically any more.  Saints who have gone before like my mother, my grandparents, Vanette who chose to spend her last days in the Congo with the people she loved, that whole cloud of witnesses that carried the word along in their own time so that we know it still today.  And there is also a living contingent of saints that are partaking in the same feast at other tables, in other places and times, that are joining together with me in remembering.  It is a very connecting sacrament for me; this huge table of the Father’s where all sorts of children scoot their chairs up close so that they can be in Jesus’ presence, loved intensely by him as individuals yet all together at the feast.

The rest of The Journal is just as good.  The photography by Spencer Burke is  – well look at it yourself – my words can’t describe the little boys eyes in the first photo.

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