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Sort of like the end of an era

I have treated most of my family members at one time or another.  Most are regular patients – if my family can be classed as regular.  And I have no problem inflicting pain on them if it is needed – as in wisdom teeth extractions, etc.  And I am sure they would do the same for me, if they could think of someway to repay me!

But today I experienced why there is wisdom in the advice not to take on the medical/dental treatment of people who are close.  There are times when it is just too emotionally hard.  It is no problem if the receiving person is in basically good shape and the treatment is simple and routine.  But there are times when it is just not great. 

My dad lost his last two teeth today.  Last week one broke off and so it was inevitable. But today was at least as traumatic to me as it was to him.  Sort of like the end of an era – the last of his teeth.

Maybe it was just the stark reality of his physical condition.  Maybe it was that I am his little girl and for the first time I had to do something to him that he did not want to have done, really.  So I did it.  I soothed his fears as best I could and he still trusted me enough.

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