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Busy weekend

Yesterday, well I guess the whole weekend, was spent connecting with people and with working on the basement renovations.  It was hard work physically so I was really wiped out from all of the physical work by last night.  And this week promises to have a lot of work to come – cleaning, finishing up on painting and sealing tile, etc.  Then the moving.  Just from the loft to the basement but that means lots of stairs.  It will be good to finish things up, and we have to.  The baby is due in a bit over one month and there is lots to do.  Time always goes faster than we think.

The time spent this weekend connecting with friends was good.  I value this time spent sharing where I am at on my spiritual journey and encouraging others in theirs.  So I guess maybe the hard physical work and the restful spiritual work should have balanced each other off.  Probably means more about my poor physical condition but by last night I was so tired that I think my brain kind of shut down.  I went to bed early and had a much needed sleep.

Yesterday afternoon some of us spent some time praying for a friend who is in the process of chemotherapy.  We prayed for her months ago before she started these treatments.  She is looking so much better both physically and her face reflected the hope and even happiness that she has now.  It was good to pray with her again. 

Praying for healing is a relatively new experience for me.  Up until a few years ago, I think I would simply have prayed something to the effect of “God heal her if this is your will.”  This was different.  I guess I have learned a few things about prayer – things I am glad for.  Yesterday I mostly felt inadequate to know how to pray.  I could imagine where the tumor was, sort of, knowing the anatomy at least well enough to do that.  So that was kind of in my mind as I prayed for her.  And then I could picture her just sort of running up and sitting on God’s lap, being secure in his care.  Afterwards we went for tea.  One of the things that struck me as we talked afterwards was that she said that she felt so relaxed after being prayed for.  There is so much more I need to learn about this kind of prayer.

Then afterwards I went up to the hospital to take impressions for a new baby with a cleft lip and palate.  Such a tiny little thing – a girl – clefts are less common than in boys.  So today that is added to my list of things to do in the evening.  I’ll go up after work and put it in and show the mother how to use it.

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