Daily Archives: September 10, 2005

My surprise.

I dutifully stayed away from home most of the day.  Spent the day having coffee talking with a couple friends and doing my grocery shopping.  I was allowed back home at about 4:30.

The kids had been working all day on the bathroom.  And of course it has taken them a  lot longer than planned.  But we are going to have a beautiful bathroom down there.  I hope little sister realizes what a gift she is getting from her big brother and sister-in-law.  What they have done is place slate tile around the tub instead of a plastic tub surround.  A big job but we have had this slate around for about a year thinking that we would use it on the entry way.  So they were able to use something we already had on hand and make a bathroom that is nothing short of elegant. 

I have such handy kids.  They must get it from my side of the family 🙂

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