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I am not allowed to see…

what is taking shape in our basement bathroom.  So tonight I was painting away in the next room.  I was doing baseboards, shelves and windowsills a new coat of white.  The walls are done!  Blue and green.  Grace thinks the baby will have to be a boy now.  I will not repaint if it is a girl!  If it is a girl, then it will get some pink accessories.  Because I will not paint those walls again – not this year at least.

Any way, while I am in the room painting, Eric and Michelle are doing something in the bathroom.  Doors are closed and there are muffled sounds but nothing distinct enough for me to really know what they are up to.  They did show me a paint chip – kind of a tangerineish sort of orange.  So I assume part of what they are doing is painting that room.  I’m just not sure that painting the room orange warrents a bunch of secrecy.  They asked me if I could make myself scarce tomorrow as it would speed things up for them.  No problem!  I’m getting my hair looked after and then am going for coffee with one friend in the morning and then another in the afternoon.  I was feeling guilty at being away while they are working.  No more guilt!  I will disappear for as long as they like!

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