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It is so exciting to see God working.  It makes worshipping together watching God bring things together an amazing experience.

This morning we heard from three people.  Greg just back from a missions trip to Guatemala – sharing his faith in concrete ways (note the pun – they were building a house).  Logan who got changes to talk about his faith out on the oil rigs.  Johanna who heard God in a different way as he provided enough funds to begin her year at CBC. 

And then we set out into a week of prayer for the hurricane wrecked areas of the US.  It will be interesting to see where God takes us with that.  There will be lots of opportunities to hear God as to how to respond to needs there. 

And for me – a treat.  There was a guy in the back new to our group.  He comes from the Sudan via Winnipeg.  He enrolled four days ago in the Dental Therapy school.  He is there because he listened to God giving him direction for his life.  We’ve had several of these students go through our church – here while they are students, then off to serve God in farther places – Nepal, Northern BC and now who knows where.  For me it is exciting since we have a common love for dentistry and a common sense of God’s calling to do this. 

Now off I go to Saskatoon.  I will see my kids and tonight see some blogging friends at the launch party for Resonate – The Journal.  7:00pm O’Sheas Irish Pub  See you there.

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Photos from Vacation

I spent a lot of time last night posting photos on Flikr.  I wrote an entry to go with them.  Then I did not submit the entry to post.  I guess I was too tired.

Earlier in the day I wrote an entry using Word.  I came home after shopping and Leo told me he thought he had erased my entry.  He had.  I don’t know why I didn’t save it.  I don’t know why he didn’t either.  But there you go.

Trouble is, my mind erases the thoughts just about as permenantly as the computer.  But the pictures are on Flikr!  I will make a set of the vacation ones a bit later today. 

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