In Hot Water

Tonight I came home and my first job was to assist with some chemistry homework.  As we looked at why glycine was an amino acid we heard an expletive – loud enough to hear from the basement.  Started with F it did!  Then there was relative silence so, hoping no one was too seriously injured, I went down to check out the progress on the basement bathroom.  Michelle had run headlong into a 2×4.  But the bathroom has come a long way.

The kids left.  They are staying with Michelle’s mom at the farm.  I loaded and turned on the dishwasher.  All was going well till a horrible banging began as if someone was bashing the contents of the dishwasher against the wall.  I opened the door of the dishwasher expecting it to shut itself off.  The water kept running – pouring into the dishwasher.  The banging continued.  So off went the water under the sink.  But I could not find a shut off valve to the dishwasher.  So I ran down and checked where the noise in the floor beneath me was actually coming from.  I ended up shutting off the water to the whole house.  It stopped the noise but from the small copper pipe in the ceiling of the bathroom came a steady but sure stream of water – down into the wall somewhere.  Not good, I said to myself.  The water will just have to stay off till we get a plumber tomorrow.  I do not want a flood in the night.  I cycled the dishwasher till the water drained but I think something may be wrong with the dishwasher and the violent vibrations have loosened a fitting somewhere. 

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  1. Sharon

    There seems to be ever-so-many water stories of late…..most of them disastrous….but I like Bob C’s version of the “Living Water” and how it gives us everything we need.

    Have a sudsy day!