Here we are…

The end of another day.  Work was crazy – busy with no time for lunch till around 1:30.  I’d forgotten to bring some instruments back to work and needed them for the afternoon so I quickly ran home to get them.  Grabbed a sandwich too.  This is normally the day my housekeeper comes in.  There didn’t seem to be anyone around at 1:30 but at the same time stuff wasn’t put away – like the cleaning stuff.  So I figured she was just out of earshot, like up in the upstairs bathroom.  Turned out that she left in a hurry.  She got a call to go to a school for a full time job as a resource person and since that is what she is really trained to do, how can I not be happy for her.  But she is such a wonderful cleaner and my house loves her.  So I am sad too.

Worship practice tonight was a workout.  You can tell holidays are over – back to some good practice workouts.  I think I need to bring a water bottle.  ( But you are right, Randall, we want to bring our offering of music to God as a thing of beauty that we create for his pleasure.  I hope those worshipping with us experience some of  his beauty through our efforts – or at least our enjoyment of making music for him.)

Then home for an hour or so of painting.  We are trying to transform big brother’s room into a sanctuary for the mom to be and for her babe when it arrives.  So dark blue in a basement room is being changed to a couple tones of green.  Really big brother is redoing the bathroom, putting in a small tub where there was only a small shower and getting rid of some moldy walls.  And Mom – me – gets to do most of the painting.  It is a big room with rough textured walls so there is a lot of hand work with a brush.  About one more hour to go on this.  Then the roller will finish it off.

Good thing the long weekend is coming up.  I haven’t even had time to get my vacation pictures downloaded yet.

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  1. How’s Grace doing? Is she excited or just large and fed-up? Thinking of you all.

  2. Linea


    It’s hard to know how much excitement there is – quite a bit I guess. Mostly wanting this to be done. That is pretty normal if I remember right!

  3. Linea,

    Thinking of you done there and once again admiring your commitment to God through how you love His children. You have always been a role model for me. When I was young you were the one who went to the mission field from our church and now that I am a mom I read your blog and you are modeling every day mom things for me, thank you.

  4. Toni

    Glad she’s looking forward to it.