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Just a few women

Last night I spent time with some very good friends.  It was fun hearing how the summer went for each of us. 

Then talk shifted from vacation adventures to things we have been hearing from God.  Sometimes we hear through our speakers on Sunday – as we did this week.  Meg talked to us about how God delights in us.  She shared how she learned this lesson from God.  It was a delightful lesson.  It is a lesson we need to learn, I think, if we are going to experience joy and the security that comes from being loved.  One of the important reasons we need to experience God’s love is so that we can be used by God to bring his love into the world we exist in.

So now we women are thinking about this new season coming up – sort of the beginning of the new church year.  Where is God taking us as a group?  How does he want us to be active in our community?  How can we become a safe place for new friends just beginning to check out what it means to follow Christ?  It is exciting to look forward to the year ahead. 

I guess the big challenge is taking our dreams to make a difference in our community – with those hurting and really needing help – and putting those dreams into some kind of practice.  There may be places in our community where we can plug into things already in place.  I don’t think that we have to form a “Christian” organization to do these things.  In fact that would likely just be a lot of work and we don’t need to spend all our energy and time on organizing some program.  I think we need to sort of infiltrate the organizations that already exist and, because we have been changed by God, bring his blessing to the people around us by genuinely loving and caring for them.  I guess in some cases we don’t have to look too far – we all have neighbors and colleagues at work that have needs. 

Our city seems to have some deep needs that are permeating it making it a troubled place.  We seem to be more aware right now of our need to pray for our city as well as to become active outside of our church walls to work for change.  

Well, I guess we will see what God will do.  We are just a few women.

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