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One more day

It is hard to think about going back to work on Monday.  One day left. 

I have enjoyed my vacation – for the most part.  The theft incident in Vancouver was no fun but life seems to be continuing in spite of it.  I still have to download and organise my photos.  When that is done I will post the best on Flikr and share them with you. 

Now getting ready for the routines of the work and school schedules is beginning to look like a good thing.  I think I need the kind of order that these kind of routines give me.  I probably get more accomplished when I am too busy and have no time than when have all the time I need but no motivation.  And I think I sleep better when I get back into my routines and I can sure use better sleep than I have been getting over the last few days.

And aside from my frustration with my kids for their domestic failures (very little grocery shopping or laundry or cleaning happens when I am away) I think we have accomplished a lot in the last two days.  We have one kid almost packed up to leave for University.  He has a definate place to live and a roomate and plans for moving stuff down to Saskatoon.  His room is now navigable so we can paint.  Today I painted a dresser and spackled all the holes in the wall.  Definate progress!

And tomorrow?  It will be my fisrt Sunday worship with my church family in a month.  I have really missed it.  Church has happened along the way in different ways – sharing with old and new friends, praying together, renewing and starting relationships, meeting fellow bloggers for the first time.  But the people in this church know me and love me in ways that are tangible and I have missed them.  I want to know how God has been working in them over the summer too.  I want to worship God with them and get back to playing my recorder as part of that worship. 

Fall is in many ways as much a time of new beginnings as spring.  I am anxious to see what God will do with us this year at Gateway.  I’m wondering what God has in store for me this year too – where and how does he want me to spend my time and energy.  Our family has new beginnings going on too and soon that little grandchild will be here – October.  That will bring some huge changes for all of us.

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