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Just a bit tired and frustrated!

I seem to be frustrated, unable to sleep and just needing to have a good rant about stuff that ticks me off. 

Today was supposed to be a painting day.  I woke the kid up so I could see how bare the room was – in other words, how much packing had actually gotten done.  Doesn’t look to me like he is planning on moving out anytime soon.  He should start school in one week.  Definately no painting is going to happen for a few days.  One big box with stuff “thrown” into it.  Posters down off the wall but stuff on window sills and shelves and just hardly any room to walk around the periphery of the room. 

And so he tells me, “I have to go down to Saskatoon today to find a place to live.”  The house they had been planning to rent had a fire so is not habitable.   Can’t really blame him for that in all fairness but I wish he would get his act together.  I do not have an unlimited time available for painting.  He has had three weeks when I was away to do the packing. 

Grace is also not ready to move her stuff out of the loft down to the basement.  She however has a serious bending over impediment so the packing is not that easy.  She spent a good part of the day working at it at least.

We did pick out the paint.  Step one accomplished.

When I am away it seems as if no one knows how to shop for groceries.  I have a list and tomorrow that will be a big job.  No more garbage bags.  One scoop of dish washer detergent left.  Took the last loaf of bread out of the freezer.  Fruit is gone. 

Then a long church board meeting tonight.  And I don’t think I want to rant about the stuff we discussed but some of it makes me tired.  Then I feel guilty for not being enthused about stuff.  I do not want to just be a negative person but I tend to get that way when I am both frustrated and feel unable to really express my true feelings about things.  So I guess I bottle up the negative feelings and try to keep them under control.  I need a safe place to vent them and deal with them and sometimes just someone very patient to listen.  This space is sometimes too public.

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