Yesterday after my course I came back out to the parkade where I had parked my vehicle.  Back window had been smashed.  So bye, bye laptop.  I had taken the camera and my other electronic gadgets but the laptop was heavy enough that I didn’t take it.  I guess out of province cars are good targets!

Anyway – I was glad we were staying with friends last night.  Tomorrow bright and early we have to get the window repaired. 

At least I am OK.  Leo commented that somewhere is Vancouver there is probably one clean drug addict.  I lost all my toiletries and a couple changes of clothes and some shoes too.  My contribution to the homeless of Vancouver I guess. 

You may not hear from me for awhile – I won’t be sure to have a computer till I get back home in a bit more than a week.

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  1. Sharon

    Sounds like back home. Two little girls took off with Ken and Brittney’s bikes which were parked on our lawn out front. We left them there for an hour to get some grub…came back….gone! We drove around to see if we could find them. Nope! An hour or so later Todd driving down 4th on his way to 7Eleven and there were two gals (7 & 11!!) riding them. We got them back. Yesterday we saw an elderly lady wandering down 6th Ave. by KFC. A kid had ran by and grabbed her purse and a neighbor ran down the back alley after him. A sense of law-less-ness everywehre you turn. Keep safe you two!

  2. Aw, I hate that for you. My stereo was stolen last year, and it’s the worst feeling. Be safe, and we’ll see you soon.

  3. Sharon

    OOps….to correct my grammar, I meant to say “had RUN” not had ran. Bad me.

  4. Ah, shoot Linea,

    I’m sorry that happened. Try not to let it spoil the whole trip ok?

  5. Hey Linea, Sorry to hear about the car incident. My brother lives in Vancouver and had the same thing happen to him!! Big cities!! (well, little cities too, I guess)

    I finished reading “The Last Word…” yesterday and LOVED it. Looking forward to actually DISCUSSING (instead of visiting — though that was fun too) it when you get back.

    Have a great rest of your holiday. Praying you and the rest of your possessions will be safe on the road!

  6. I had a similar incident that happened at the end of May. I ran into an ATM and on my driver seat I had left an expensive Sony camcorder. I ran out of the ATM 2 minutes later and found the door open and my camcorder down. I felt horrible. However, a turn of events landed our family with the camcorder (thanks to the Police) with all our video, pics and all. And…the dumb ass (sorry for the language) criminals left video footage on our roll of film!!

    Karma is amazing…