Daily Archives: August 14, 2005

Yesterday after my course I came back out to the parkade where I had parked my vehicle.  Back window had been smashed.  So bye, bye laptop.  I had taken the camera and my other electronic gadgets but the laptop was heavy enough that I didn’t take it.  I guess out of province cars are good targets!

Anyway – I was glad we were staying with friends last night.  Tomorrow bright and early we have to get the window repaired. 

At least I am OK.  Leo commented that somewhere is Vancouver there is probably one clean drug addict.  I lost all my toiletries and a couple changes of clothes and some shoes too.  My contribution to the homeless of Vancouver I guess. 

You may not hear from me for awhile – I won’t be sure to have a computer till I get back home in a bit more than a week.

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