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Vancouver by night

I guess technically this is not strictly about Vancouver.  But how can you tell the difference when one town blends into the next with only a slight alteration in flavour undetectable to those of us from small town Saskatchewan.  We put space between our cities.  Space that lets you drive 110K’s on our 100 K per hour roads.  Here there is no space.  Hardly a car length between your car and the next going 110 K’s on the 90 K per hour roads.  Here I had so little space that there was nowhere to even pull over to check the map.  Getting off to a side street may mean a half hour delay since you then have to find a way to get back on this “freeway” and get locked back into the flow of traffic again.   

But I did it.  I drove in Vancouver – downtown.  And tonight out to Cocquitlam and back.  Found my way back to my hotel in the night and avoided getting off the freeeway on East Hastings.  Now tomorrow am – I hear there is a huge funeral for the last vetran to receive the Victoria Cross in WWII.  Streets will be closed.  I wonder if I will make it to a parking garage closer to the conference centre? 

I guess if you don’t hear from me again – well I didn’t.  But I think I can try a few blocks in the centre of this city in the early morning in the light of day.

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