Driving the back roads

I spent Monday night in the little town of Erickson with a friend.  It’s 45 years or so since I lived there.  The roads haven’t changed too much but the houses all along them that I knew then are gone.  The church has moved, the store across the street is no more – just the tell tale slab of concrete – and the elementary school where I began grade one is totally brand new.

The big cliff where we played as kids is not quite as tall as my memories made it and not at all off in the forest any more.  But it is still there.  My friend and I drove around in the evening revisiting places I should have remembered and discovering new ones.

Tuesday, I headed up the 3A towards Nelson.  The road is every bit as winding as I remember.  And the glass house is still there but, since no longer lived in it is open for tours.  So I did.  All the exterior walls are constructed of embalming fluid bottles. 

The trip was beautiful along the eastern edge of Kootney Lake.  Those mountain lakes are long, very long and extremely beautiful. 

The road ends at the ferry pier.  Waiting the two hours to catch the ferry wasn’t too great but at least we could sit by the lake while waiting. 

I was going to drop in on some of the Covenant churches along the way.  I drove by two but they were closed and I don’t know the pastors well enough to disturb them.  Besides, I needed to get on the way by then  I hadn’t counted on the wait for the ferry being so long. 

The back roads in the interior of BC must hold some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world.  I would come over the crest of a rise and there before me was a mountain peak , a stream or gorge or mountain lake.  Later I will put some pictures up on my Flikr site.  I would love to return this way if time permits on the return trip.

Tomorrow night I should be in Vancouver.  Driving there will be my biggest challenge.  I have to find my hotel in the middle of downtown!

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  1. Linea,

    Thanks for the beautiful word pictures. I have often dreamed of visiting Nelson, Erickson and Creston. The way you describe this area renews that for me.

  2. Linea –

    Thank you for taking the time to share your vacation with us. It is inspiring – and encouraging. If I get the chance some sort of solo adventure sounds like that is just what I need.

    Safe journey!

  3. Sharon

    Glad you’re safe and well, friend. Returned early from our Waskesiu vacation today – cold and rainy. Saw the beach a mere one day! Good rest nonetheless. Praying daily for you.

  4. Now your’re in familar territory.

    My wife’s brother is a DDS in Nelson. Love the place. And Erickson is a great little town. Banjo-playing Doug Stapleton, one of the sharpest pastors I know, is at the Covenant Church in Erickson.

    We occasionally visited in Creston when we lived in Washington state.

    My father-in-law grew up about 100 km from Nelson in Grand Forks.