This holiday is partly about being in and enjoying the beautiful world God has created and partly about getting to know and reconnecting with people.

Being a part of the blogging world has opened a whole new set of friendships up for me but it is so much more fun actually meeting the people.  It gives a whole new level of understanding to the words they write.  So Thursday I took one family out for supper and had the privilege of staying in their home.  I met the kids and dog and it was good. 

Yesterday, I made my way down to Strathmore – after being lured in to a Chapters store before leaving Edmonton.  It didn’t take much.  It was visible in the distance in a mall along the street where I was driving. 
That killed an hour and a half and I didn’t resist temptation well either. 

I had a wonderful visit with the friend and her daughter I am staying with and with other friends we shared a meal with last night.  We did some discussion on women in ministry, since she is one.  (I have this strange feeling of being drawn this way myself but am not sure at all about what that means for me.  I am not young anymore – God let me retire!)  She lives in a neighborhood that has many open windows into the internet world so it is letting me blog and catch up on my e-mail.

Today I move on again to visit my sister in Cochrane – just a shot hop away from here.

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