Daily Archives: August 2, 2005

Ready to go

Tomorrow morning I head out on my vacation voyage.  Just me and my CRV, lots of good music, some books on tape and CD’s, a few snacks and of course lots of books and my laptop.  I’m just about packed and ready to go.

Just one little glitch.  It seems as if PK must have been distracted a bit when he left Saskatoon last night.  He seems to have returned here without my camping gear which I had already stowed in the back.  I guess he used my car to move some stuff over to his new lodgings for the fall and took everything out for more room.  And left it all in Eric’s garage.  So— I’m not sure but I may have to take a slight (2hr) detour in the morning to pick it up.  Hard to do a camping trip without the tent!

I hope to find a few places to hook into some wifi and post occaisionally along the way.


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