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Here we are…

The end of another day.  Work was crazy – busy with no time for lunch till around 1:30.  I’d forgotten to bring some instruments back to work and needed them for the afternoon so I quickly ran home to get them.  Grabbed a sandwich too.  This is normally the day my housekeeper comes in.  There didn’t seem to be anyone around at 1:30 but at the same time stuff wasn’t put away – like the cleaning stuff.  So I figured she was just out of earshot, like up in the upstairs bathroom.  Turned out that she left in a hurry.  She got a call to go to a school for a full time job as a resource person and since that is what she is really trained to do, how can I not be happy for her.  But she is such a wonderful cleaner and my house loves her.  So I am sad too.

Worship practice tonight was a workout.  You can tell holidays are over – back to some good practice workouts.  I think I need to bring a water bottle.  ( But you are right, Randall, we want to bring our offering of music to God as a thing of beauty that we create for his pleasure.  I hope those worshipping with us experience some of  his beauty through our efforts – or at least our enjoyment of making music for him.)

Then home for an hour or so of painting.  We are trying to transform big brother’s room into a sanctuary for the mom to be and for her babe when it arrives.  So dark blue in a basement room is being changed to a couple tones of green.  Really big brother is redoing the bathroom, putting in a small tub where there was only a small shower and getting rid of some moldy walls.  And Mom – me – gets to do most of the painting.  It is a big room with rough textured walls so there is a lot of hand work with a brush.  About one more hour to go on this.  Then the roller will finish it off.

Good thing the long weekend is coming up.  I haven’t even had time to get my vacation pictures downloaded yet.

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Just a few women

Last night I spent time with some very good friends.  It was fun hearing how the summer went for each of us. 

Then talk shifted from vacation adventures to things we have been hearing from God.  Sometimes we hear through our speakers on Sunday – as we did this week.  Meg talked to us about how God delights in us.  She shared how she learned this lesson from God.  It was a delightful lesson.  It is a lesson we need to learn, I think, if we are going to experience joy and the security that comes from being loved.  One of the important reasons we need to experience God’s love is so that we can be used by God to bring his love into the world we exist in.

So now we women are thinking about this new season coming up – sort of the beginning of the new church year.  Where is God taking us as a group?  How does he want us to be active in our community?  How can we become a safe place for new friends just beginning to check out what it means to follow Christ?  It is exciting to look forward to the year ahead. 

I guess the big challenge is taking our dreams to make a difference in our community – with those hurting and really needing help – and putting those dreams into some kind of practice.  There may be places in our community where we can plug into things already in place.  I don’t think that we have to form a “Christian” organization to do these things.  In fact that would likely just be a lot of work and we don’t need to spend all our energy and time on organizing some program.  I think we need to sort of infiltrate the organizations that already exist and, because we have been changed by God, bring his blessing to the people around us by genuinely loving and caring for them.  I guess in some cases we don’t have to look too far – we all have neighbors and colleagues at work that have needs. 

Our city seems to have some deep needs that are permeating it making it a troubled place.  We seem to be more aware right now of our need to pray for our city as well as to become active outside of our church walls to work for change.  

Well, I guess we will see what God will do.  We are just a few women.

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One more day

It is hard to think about going back to work on Monday.  One day left. 

I have enjoyed my vacation – for the most part.  The theft incident in Vancouver was no fun but life seems to be continuing in spite of it.  I still have to download and organise my photos.  When that is done I will post the best on Flikr and share them with you. 

Now getting ready for the routines of the work and school schedules is beginning to look like a good thing.  I think I need the kind of order that these kind of routines give me.  I probably get more accomplished when I am too busy and have no time than when have all the time I need but no motivation.  And I think I sleep better when I get back into my routines and I can sure use better sleep than I have been getting over the last few days.

And aside from my frustration with my kids for their domestic failures (very little grocery shopping or laundry or cleaning happens when I am away) I think we have accomplished a lot in the last two days.  We have one kid almost packed up to leave for University.  He has a definate place to live and a roomate and plans for moving stuff down to Saskatoon.  His room is now navigable so we can paint.  Today I painted a dresser and spackled all the holes in the wall.  Definate progress!

And tomorrow?  It will be my fisrt Sunday worship with my church family in a month.  I have really missed it.  Church has happened along the way in different ways – sharing with old and new friends, praying together, renewing and starting relationships, meeting fellow bloggers for the first time.  But the people in this church know me and love me in ways that are tangible and I have missed them.  I want to know how God has been working in them over the summer too.  I want to worship God with them and get back to playing my recorder as part of that worship. 

Fall is in many ways as much a time of new beginnings as spring.  I am anxious to see what God will do with us this year at Gateway.  I’m wondering what God has in store for me this year too – where and how does he want me to spend my time and energy.  Our family has new beginnings going on too and soon that little grandchild will be here – October.  That will bring some huge changes for all of us.

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Just a bit tired and frustrated!

I seem to be frustrated, unable to sleep and just needing to have a good rant about stuff that ticks me off. 

Today was supposed to be a painting day.  I woke the kid up so I could see how bare the room was – in other words, how much packing had actually gotten done.  Doesn’t look to me like he is planning on moving out anytime soon.  He should start school in one week.  Definately no painting is going to happen for a few days.  One big box with stuff “thrown” into it.  Posters down off the wall but stuff on window sills and shelves and just hardly any room to walk around the periphery of the room. 

And so he tells me, “I have to go down to Saskatoon today to find a place to live.”  The house they had been planning to rent had a fire so is not habitable.   Can’t really blame him for that in all fairness but I wish he would get his act together.  I do not have an unlimited time available for painting.  He has had three weeks when I was away to do the packing. 

Grace is also not ready to move her stuff out of the loft down to the basement.  She however has a serious bending over impediment so the packing is not that easy.  She spent a good part of the day working at it at least.

We did pick out the paint.  Step one accomplished.

When I am away it seems as if no one knows how to shop for groceries.  I have a list and tomorrow that will be a big job.  No more garbage bags.  One scoop of dish washer detergent left.  Took the last loaf of bread out of the freezer.  Fruit is gone. 

Then a long church board meeting tonight.  And I don’t think I want to rant about the stuff we discussed but some of it makes me tired.  Then I feel guilty for not being enthused about stuff.  I do not want to just be a negative person but I tend to get that way when I am both frustrated and feel unable to really express my true feelings about things.  So I guess I bottle up the negative feelings and try to keep them under control.  I need a safe place to vent them and deal with them and sometimes just someone very patient to listen.  This space is sometimes too public.

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Home Again

There is no sense prolonging a camping trip in the rain.  Yesterday through the mountains – pouring rain.  It was 0 C up at the continental divide and there was snow on the mountains.  Rained most of the day and poured all night.  I was safe and dry at my sister’s. 

This morning I left Calgary in the rain.  It rained all the way till I got back to Sask.  Then the sun shone through the clouds. 

It is always good to come home.

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Yesterday after my course I came back out to the parkade where I had parked my vehicle.  Back window had been smashed.  So bye, bye laptop.  I had taken the camera and my other electronic gadgets but the laptop was heavy enough that I didn’t take it.  I guess out of province cars are good targets!

Anyway – I was glad we were staying with friends last night.  Tomorrow bright and early we have to get the window repaired. 

At least I am OK.  Leo commented that somewhere is Vancouver there is probably one clean drug addict.  I lost all my toiletries and a couple changes of clothes and some shoes too.  My contribution to the homeless of Vancouver I guess. 

You may not hear from me for awhile – I won’t be sure to have a computer till I get back home in a bit more than a week.

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Vancouver by night

I guess technically this is not strictly about Vancouver.  But how can you tell the difference when one town blends into the next with only a slight alteration in flavour undetectable to those of us from small town Saskatchewan.  We put space between our cities.  Space that lets you drive 110K’s on our 100 K per hour roads.  Here there is no space.  Hardly a car length between your car and the next going 110 K’s on the 90 K per hour roads.  Here I had so little space that there was nowhere to even pull over to check the map.  Getting off to a side street may mean a half hour delay since you then have to find a way to get back on this “freeway” and get locked back into the flow of traffic again.   

But I did it.  I drove in Vancouver – downtown.  And tonight out to Cocquitlam and back.  Found my way back to my hotel in the night and avoided getting off the freeeway on East Hastings.  Now tomorrow am – I hear there is a huge funeral for the last vetran to receive the Victoria Cross in WWII.  Streets will be closed.  I wonder if I will make it to a parking garage closer to the conference centre? 

I guess if you don’t hear from me again – well I didn’t.  But I think I can try a few blocks in the centre of this city in the early morning in the light of day.

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