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Grandmothers are allowed

We are allowed to boast, in fact we are expected to, when it comes to our grandkids.  So, since I only have one living little grandson, I will.

Today was Kieran’s second birthday.  He can’t manage to hold up two fingers yet but he can say the right number when asked.  We partied most of the day.  Ate far too much.  I don’t care if I see cake again for awhile.  We had a fun time. 

So did Kieran. 


More pictures will be posted on Flikr shortly and you will be able to link to them here as soon as I get a set made up.

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The pelicans have moved back to the sandbar/island across from our house.  The water has started to recede from it’s high levels of a week ago.  Our city still is hosting the displaced community of Cumberland House – about 1000 have been here for the last few weeks.  But I heard from Leo that the river has crested up there and is also beginning to recede.

Now on to the next emergency – fires.  Weird how some areas will be flooding when just a few hundred kms away the danger of forest fire threatens some other community.  We had a big thunderstorm north of here last week and the lightning ignited several fires.  The smoke from them will often force evacuations even if the fire itself doesn’t threaten the community.

I think the cold weather is more predictable for us.  We can deal with snow and 40 below.  That kind of weather forces us into our homes not out of them.

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Persuading their leaders

One Campaign ( sounds like an organization that is working hard to persuade the US leaders to increase aid funds with an additional 2 billion dollars to fight extreme poverty in our world.  Via Covenant Blogs (a collection of blogs from folks in my denomination) I came across this article by Bob Smietana on our denominations site. 

The additional $2 billion would be used for four basic priorities, says Jennifer Coulter Stapleton of Bread for the World. Those priorities are clean water, education, fighting malaria, and building infrastructure. The fund would go toward practical assistance, such as building wells, providing mosquito nets and anti-malarial medication, and funding for schools, said Stapleton.

Bread for the World, and other humanitarian groups like Oxfam, Save the Children, Heifer International, World Vision, and Church World Service are working together on a global initiative to fight poverty called the “One Campaign” ( The goal is to convince the US to spend 1 percent of the annual federal budget on reducing global poverty.

Read more here.

I did not realize, percentage wise, how small the amount of USAid was.  The US leaders would sure improve the image of their country in doing this.  I hope this sort of pressure on governments works.  Meanwhile, I think we all need to start giving on our own till it hurts our consumer heavy lifestyles a bit.  Waiting for our governments is a bit of a cop out.

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Criticism – An Indicator of Success?

I was just surfing the net tonight while at work waiting for some stuff.  I was sort of sad to see so much criticism of the Make Poverty History effort.  I guess even criticism is an indication that people noticed the effort – which was one of the main goals anyway.  So perhaps the criticism is an indication of success of sorts. 

Someone, somewhere, in my surfing quoted another person who said the efforts towards eliminating the debt of third world countries will only be successful if the leaders of those countries take note and change their behaviour.  True enough.  But the person then went on to say that it is the western world that maybe should be considering changing our ways.  We need to change our lifestyles of excessive and increased consumption of the worlds resources.  We want more and more and we do not want to pay much for it.  We have become oppressors ourselves.  We overlook exploitation if it makes our lives more comfortable; if it produces stuff we “need”. 

We need to be reminded of the needs of the poor and oppressed in the world.  If the folks at Make Poverty History and Live8 made us stop and think for even a few minutes, we owe them thanks.  Lets not fall into our old complacency too quickly.  Lets stop criticizing the efforts of this group.  If they don’t please you, find another group fighting poverty that makes sense to you.  But please do something.

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True Drink

Today we celebrated communion and during the service some of the words of John kept coming to mind.  John talks so much about Jesus being our light but also about him being our bread and drink. 

Food, drink and light – some of our basic essentials.

As I prepared to give out the elements, the words “Jesus Christ, the true drink” kept popping into my head.  They are from John 6:55 (NLT)  “For my flesh is the true food, and my blood is the true drink.”  

These words are not from the typical passages read for the communion service but these are words the disciples must have remembered clearly as Jesus talked to them at the last supper he had with them.  I suppose they did not know the significance of the words even at that supper.  They must have remembered them pretty clearly a few days later as they realize how vividly those words have just been lived out. 

True food.
True drink.

Truly God.

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Another family wedding

We are off to attend another wedding today.  In Saskatoon.  My nephew, Geoffrey, the one in dental school, the singer with a great tenor voice, is marrying his sweetheart, Lana, the art history person.  The wedding should be beautiful and the music will likely be a bit above average.  They chose the church to be married in for it’s acoustics. 

It will be good to see the family again.  We seem to do a lot of catch up at these events but this year they are close enough together that it is more like a monthly visit. 

Then two of my sisters will be making the pilgrimage to Prince Albert to visit briefly with my dad.  Tomorrow will be a bit special as my very musical sister and her very musical children, who are playing for the wedding today, will come up and play for a bit with Grandpa tomorrow afternoon.  Then we will have supper together.

Then I get to start off my week with my nieces and nephews as patients on Monday. 

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