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All in all – a good day

It was a great day.  I was pretty nervous about the worship music since it was just Matt (guitar) and myself (alto recorder).  Better than Randall singing acupello(sp?) at least.  There is a lot more to leading worship than just being accomplished musicians but I did  not want to make so many mistakes that I would distract the people from worship either.  I am a whole lot more at ease with what I needed to do today than I would have been a year ago but I still do not think that I fall into the accomplished category.

In the quiet of the few minutes between practice and the service I sat and prayed.  When I first began playing with the worship team I found that if I didn’t have time to sit and quiet myself and request his help, I would feel intimidated and lost. I asked God to use the music to bring the congregation into worship,to help me play my best and to accept my offering of music as a gift of worship from me.

It was an awesome feeling to realize on my way home that God had done just that.  He is an awesome God – and so understanding and compassionate.

We have had a guest at our house for the past day or so.  A few years ago while Patrick was in grade 12 there was an exchange student in town from Denmark.  He is back for a visit.  He needed to come back for a final game of chess just like he used to do.  Tonight he and Patrick went to see The Island.  They beat me home from my coffee date with a friend.  Then they launched into a theological discussion on the purpose of the book of Job. 

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