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Last night I got a call from my daughter in law.  They live on the worst block of a very bad street.  It didn’t used to be so bad but each year it has gotten worse.  It seems that PA has just gotten worse at about the same rate as this block.  A lot of gang related crime seems to be going on that wasn’t a few years ago. 

Last night was the worst so far.  Appears to have been a bit of a gang war going on – their street – right across the street from their house

She was warned that a fight was going to happen.  When she called, it had already started and the police had broken it up once already.  She called us so we could come and take her car to our place for the night.  She did not want to leave herself or send her son off to stay with us.  She did not think they were personally in any danger.  But the car – she needs it, especially since their other one was trashed a week or so ago. 

Leo and I drove up to get the car. 

In the middle and on both sides of the street there were about twenty people milling around.  Not wanting to move very quickly out of the way of traffic (us).  Nothing looked too dangerous at that moment but it is unusual to have those numbers of people out on the street.  We brought her car home and gave her strict instructions to call us at the least bit of danger to herself.  Our son is working out of town

A bit later she says the fight began – pipes and bats.  Lots of yelling and screaming.  She called the police but got no response.  Then a minivan drove by and was stopped by the gang of people.  They started beating on it and when the man stopped and got out to ask what they were doing, they pushed him back into his car and continued beating on it till he drove away.  At about that time the police did finally show up and made some arrests.  The trouble started again in the middle of the night

I am praying that somehow they will find a home that is possible for them to purchase in another neighbourhood and that somehow they will maybe be able to sell the home they live in now.  This is a bit too scary.

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  1. Linea – that is awful scary. I am hoping something more suitable shows up for them.

  2. My husband and I have considered moving back to PA to be closer to mom and dad but with what I have been reading on your site and what I have heard from others I am beginning to wonder if that is such a good idea. I will keep David and his family in my prayers that they will be protected and that they may also be a light in their street filed with darkness.

  3. Linea

    All places in PA are not so bad. We love it here and live in a beautiful spot. But it has some bad areas. And this is a city with some major problems. So the challenge is to be some kind of a light to the city and the lonely broken people here without letting fear keep us in hiding.

  4. lisa

    I thought I heard noise last night. I’ve been getting little sleep since Steve has been gone. Still, even a block up, can be so different. Like you said tho’ not all of PA is bad. If all the “good” people left, what would happen then?