Yesterday I came home from work after stopping on the way to get groceries.  When I am not around to shop on Saturday, things kind of get depleted in the cupboards. 

Leo was just walking in too – with something poorly hidden under his arm.

On the 25th Leo and I will be having our 35th wedding anniversary.  While we were in Saskatoon on the weekend, Leo asked me to buy him Sibley’s book on the birds of western North America.  This was to be his gift from me for our anniversary.  So much for romantic surprises.  Then between the wedding and the reception, Leo went with our son and picked up a pair of more powerful binoculars.  These, he said, would also be his anniversary gift – from me of course.

While I was at the bookstore, I picked up a book on the flowers of western North America which I bought – for my anniversary present.  Not to be outdone by Leo in romantic gifts from the heart.

In passing, Leo asked me what I really wanted for a gift.  I jokingly told him I would like to have a laptop someday.

You may have guessed – he was sneaking into the house with my new laptop.  Now I feel a bit guilty for even mentioning it.  I could have lived without a laptop.  But how do I tell him that?  I mean, I did tell him that but he insists I keep it. 

Most of my evening was spent setting things up on my new Toshiba Satellite.

Later last night, Christian came home.
”Whose laptop?” he asks.

“Mine,” I tell him.  “It is my reward for being married to Leo for 35 years.”

“You mean that’s all you get?” he retorts.

You have to know Leo to appreciate that humor.  I do love that guy.

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  1. Sharon

    Happy Anniversary you love birds….and enjoy your vacation too….whenever you go….without your laptop??? We’re leaving tomorrow…yipppee