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Sweet Pea?

We attended my nephew’s wedding yesterday – my husband’s godson.  This made Leo an integral part of the wedding party.  There were some other interesting Filipino cultural stuff that went on.  

One of the most interesting was the giving of gold coins to the bride by the groom.  Maybe that was because the little case with the gold coins was well attached to the little pillow so the little guy carrying them wouldn’t lose them.  The priest had to stop, hand his book to one of the ushers to hold, failing even then to detach these gold coins from their pillow, he finally picked up the pillow and handed the whole thing to the groomsman who finally got it loose and the ceremony could continue.  These coins signified that the groom was offering his bride a life of prosperity.  I leaned over to my daughter-in-law and whispered, “Too bad David didn’t include that in the ceremony!”

Then there was a tieing ceremony.  A gold chain was placed over the two of them as they sat before the alter.  Sort of like the tieing ceremony that Becky describes but the chain went around their necks.  Same idea though.

Oh yeah, there was also a veil that was pinned over both of them – pinned to the brides veil and to the grooms suit.  Was to signify them being joined as one as well.

Interesting stuff.

Huge reception.  I’m sure it cost the down payment on a large home.  You wouldn’t want to have too many daughters in that culture!!

We learned that the Black Eyed Peas were staying at the same hotel as the reception was held at.  Sara thought maybe she should go to the reception desk and introduce herself as Mrs Pea and see if she could get to see them.  We thought maybe she could go as Sweetpea and give it a try.  We did see them getting into their bus as we left the parkade.  But that is as close as we got.

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