Our city used to be a good quiet place to live.  It seems as if it has become frightening these days – close to home frightening. 

We are heading down to Saskatoon for a wedding today – maybe the last of this summer’s wedding events.  I sort of feel just about overdosed on wedding parties.  This one will be a big show – huge.  I guess I am more into the small quiet affairs that don’t threaten my introvertedness so much.

Anyway, my daughter-in-law, Annette, called last night and we arranged to take her and Kieran with us since work is too busy for David to take the day off.  Then she called again this morning.  David’s car was trashed in the night – completely.  Now this car was no wonder vehicle but it got him to work and all even if the mirror and driver’s door handle had already been ripped off in a previous vandalism incident.  This time there is not much left.  All but the passenger back seat window was smashed, speakers ripped out, etc.  and pushed down the alley a way as if they wanted to drive it off but couldn’t.

They live on one of the worst streets on the east hill in Prince Albert.  Yesterday morning Annette found a man’s wallet on the street by her car as she left for work.  She arrived at the office and the first phone call was from a woman whose husband had been beaten up and robbed, teeth broken.  We had no openings.  Then she called the person who owned the wallet.  Same woman answered the phone.  We juggled our schedule and saw the man.  He lost two teeth out of the incident.  Got his wallet back with most of his cards and ID anyway.  Weird way for things to play themselves out.

Just a week or so ago, Annette had to call 911 for the neighbor.  She was being beaten by her brother.

Annette and had a security system installed in their house. 

Needless to say, I worry about the safety of my kids and grandson.  They NEED to move.  Problem is it is hard to sell a house on that street.

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  1. You’re right. Prince Albert is scary. I’ve never felt completely safe here. I hope they can find somewhere else to live.

  2. lisa

    wow, doesn’t make me feel much safer, living only a block away. Hope they’re ok.