Stuff is still falling out of the blogosphere about Make Poverty History and the One Campaign and Live8.  I’m glad.  Sometimes theses events are pushed and then die rapidly.  We can’t afford to let the issues of poverty and injustice die. 

Jordon said in a recent entry:
It’s sad, outside of Rick Warren and a couple of musicians, many high profile evangelicals were totally silent about the One campaign and Live 8 let on the same weekend, many were making noise about Sandra Day O’Conner’s resignation from the bench. It spoke loudly to me about our priorities.”

A site called Covenant Blogs was recently begun linking some of us bloggers of the Covenant sort.  We are not a big denomination but we have a big heart for justice and for poverty issues and so there is some good stuff going on.  It was encouraging to read this report.  And it was nice to make the acquaintance of Adam Philips and through him connect with another site concerned with justice issues within the Covenant Church, The Young Pietists.

I guess Covenant leaders are not usually counted among the high profile evangelical types.  That sounds like a good thing.  Especially if it lets them stay off the pedestal of political and religious self aggrandizement and spend time on the things God told us to pay attention to.

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