Blogging Chez Chuck.

Last evening was busy.  I didn’t get on the computer till late and so missed my debut as a guest blogger over at The World According to Chuck.  But, the blogging world being as it is – nothing is lost that quickly and you can catch the little piece I wrote for Chuck here.

Chuck is one of those blogging friends that I visit regularly.  This year I hope we will meet up in person as Leo and I travel down to Canon Beach where we are going to be visiting for a little vacation.

Now some of you others may recognize yourselves in my little story.  My apologies if you are sensitive but how can I help but mention some of my best friends.  And those of you overdue for a check-up – I think you know who you are.  Maybe this will work better than one of those little postcards!

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  1. I wonder who’s wedding you spoke of? šŸ˜‰

    You are my friend, first and foremost! And ‘sides, for you to be my dentist is quite the compliment. I don’t trust these bicuspids to just anyone.

    Well written, I enjoyed it. šŸ™‚

  2. Loved you blog… true, so true. Thanks for being a great blogging buddy to my grrrl. Kathy (alias Becky’s Mom)

  3. “That would be the equivalent of inviting the pastor on a pub crawl.”

    If Randall and Laura make it over, you’ve just given me a great idea….