The pelicans have moved back to the sandbar/island across from our house.  The water has started to recede from it’s high levels of a week ago.  Our city still is hosting the displaced community of Cumberland House – about 1000 have been here for the last few weeks.  But I heard from Leo that the river has crested up there and is also beginning to recede.

Now on to the next emergency – fires.  Weird how some areas will be flooding when just a few hundred kms away the danger of forest fire threatens some other community.  We had a big thunderstorm north of here last week and the lightning ignited several fires.  The smoke from them will often force evacuations even if the fire itself doesn’t threaten the community.

I think the cold weather is more predictable for us.  We can deal with snow and 40 below.  That kind of weather forces us into our homes not out of them.

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