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Persuading their leaders

One Campaign (one.org) sounds like an organization that is working hard to persuade the US leaders to increase aid funds with an additional 2 billion dollars to fight extreme poverty in our world.  Via Covenant Blogs (a collection of blogs from folks in my denomination) I came across this article by Bob Smietana on our denominations site. 

The additional $2 billion would be used for four basic priorities, says Jennifer Coulter Stapleton of Bread for the World. Those priorities are clean water, education, fighting malaria, and building infrastructure. The fund would go toward practical assistance, such as building wells, providing mosquito nets and anti-malarial medication, and funding for schools, said Stapleton.

Bread for the World, and other humanitarian groups like Oxfam, Save the Children, Heifer International, World Vision, and Church World Service are working together on a global initiative to fight poverty called the “One Campaign” (one.org). The goal is to convince the US to spend 1 percent of the annual federal budget on reducing global poverty.

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I did not realize, percentage wise, how small the amount of USAid was.  The US leaders would sure improve the image of their country in doing this.  I hope this sort of pressure on governments works.  Meanwhile, I think we all need to start giving on our own till it hurts our consumer heavy lifestyles a bit.  Waiting for our governments is a bit of a cop out.

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