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True Drink

Today we celebrated communion and during the service some of the words of John kept coming to mind.  John talks so much about Jesus being our light but also about him being our bread and drink. 

Food, drink and light – some of our basic essentials.

As I prepared to give out the elements, the words “Jesus Christ, the true drink” kept popping into my head.  They are from John 6:55 (NLT)  “For my flesh is the true food, and my blood is the true drink.”  

These words are not from the typical passages read for the communion service but these are words the disciples must have remembered clearly as Jesus talked to them at the last supper he had with them.  I suppose they did not know the significance of the words even at that supper.  They must have remembered them pretty clearly a few days later as they realize how vividly those words have just been lived out. 

True food.
True drink.

Truly God.

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