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I hope that when I am old…

I will still keep music in my brain.  Tucked away somewhere, maybe some of the stuff I really enjoy playing now, so that when all else is obscure, I can recall the tunes.  Maybe even the words will be stored in there to be taken out when the music plays. 

This afternoon, I went up to visit my dad.  Sharon has a little bitty keyboard and she brought along dad’s violin – the one that before it was his was played by his father.  I brought my recorder.  For a solid hour we played.  We just sat and played some of the old songs.  Some Sharon and I did a fair job with – we had the music.  Dad played from memory.  Sharon would tell him the key and the note we started on.  He took it from there.  And, yeah, there were a few mistakes and his violin slipped a bit as he got tired, but he did not want to quit.  If his supper had not been waiting – who knows. 

What an amazing thing the mind is.  The memories come and go.  Some days it is good and others the talk is fairly tangled up and makes no sense at all.  But the music?  It lasts.

That was worship.  As much as was the morning service which was very good. 

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I spent today up at Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park.  On the drive up last night I was surprised at the number of deer that I saw.  I think I would be very cautious driving that road after dark.  I was on it at dusk – about 9:30 pm and the deer blended too well with the foliage even then.  On the way back this afternoon, I saw more.  They are looking a bit scruffy still, not having completely lost their winter coats. 

Today was not a nice lake day, unless like me you prefer walking over sunbathing.  There was no sun.

There were also no mosquitos.  That enhanced the pleasure of the walk in the drizzle.

After lunch, I had good intentions to read.  And I started out well.  But maybe choosing to read on the bed under the covers with just a bit of heat turned on was not the choice of a serious reader.  After a few minutes I woke up and the afternoon was gone!

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The weekend is coming

This week has been long and busy.  Therefore not much posting has been done.  And here it is Friday already.

Tonight I am off to Waskesiu.  Leo usually attends a continuing education even up there on one of these early June weekends.  It is fun, relaxing and the food is good.  Leo wouldn’t miss the weekend of golf.  They do have lots of good teaching too. 

This weekend is also the church wind down picnic before the summer hiatus.  Well, it marks the end of classes pretty much and then so many people are away in the summer.  The annual ball game will be held and the old folks will whip the ….. of the kids – I think that is how it goes.  Then back to the church for a barbecue.  Being out at the lake, I am not sure how much of this I will take in.  Maybe will be back in time for the barbecue. 

Leighton has a post about why he likes being involved in a house church so much.  I guess the small groups I am involved in are the thing most like that for me.  But I don’t think I would want to give up meeting with the congregation I am a part of to worship together.  Maybe being part of a small church and some smaller groups offers the best of both worlds. 

I may post my reasons for enjoying church in a small institutional church.  But that means sitting and thinking and I haven’t had much time for that this week. 

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