River Rising

We live on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.  Two days ago we thought it was high.

In front of our home is a park that stretches along the river for blocks and so from the window as I write this, I can watch the river go by.  I have never seen it so high.  Now the island in front of me is completely under water except for the tops of the willows.  That hasn’t happened in the ten years we have lived here. 

Yesterday we were out watching the water and all the garbage that it has picked up and is carrying by.  Huge tree stumps.    Makes one wonder where it will end up.  I guess up in Tobin Lake; our artificial lake this side of the dam up by Nipawin.

There are also a family group of pelicans that nest on the island.  I wonder if their chicks made it.  I think the geese would have already hatched but I’m not sure about the pelicans.  We were watching those big white birds yesterday for awhile.

Leo has been extra busy these days.  Cumberland house has been evacuated.  It lies in the delta of the Saskatchewan River and on Cumberland Lake.  Apparently they anticipate that it will take weeks before the river recedes since the lake is expected to back up into the town as well as the river overflowing.  The river has already overflowed cutting the town off by road.  Anyway, Public Health is involved with the evacuation, so Leo usually makes his rounds by SIAST where all these people are billeted.  Rows of cots in the gym.  Must be a hard place to get some sleep!

Pictures will be posted soon of our lovely river.

There – finally found time to post some pictures.  The river still seems to be rising slowly but nothing like the last 24 hours.  I will also post a bunch of pictures at my Flikr site.

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  1. I was kinda sorta involved in an evacuation once during my stint up north (forest fire, not flood). I thought about Leo.. must be stressful. Here hoping and praying for the best.

    Hope the waters receed soon!